Meet Bill and Tammy

Meet Bill and Tammy

Greetings from Chiapas!

We are William and Tammy Woods. Early on in our marriage we felt called of the Lord into Missions, we initially heard the call back in 1983 yet the doors wouldn’t open for us to go. We were so anxious to get on the field that we decided to try forcing a few doors open and needless to say that was a tragic mistake as we have discovered over the years that when you get into self effort you have to sustain it with the same fleshly effort and as we all know that kind of gasoline is quickly consumed.

In 1999 we were invited to take part in a two week Bible conference in the state of Chiapas, Mexico. We never dreamed that the Lord would call us to pioneer a work in this area of the world.25 euro bonus ohne einzahlung casino For the most part we were hot, uncomfortable and doing our best to adapt to the culture for the few short weeks we expected to be here.  But something amazing happened. After a few days of teaching, we begin to feel that the Lord was calling us to do more here in Chiapas. The pastors had very little knowledge of the Word and the churches were fractured and suffering from many forms of legalism.  Instead of a loving body of believers, we often found the churches full of damaged, wounded souls. Pastors were tired, worn out and often terribly wounded by the flock they were trying to care for. Most believers that we met had very little joy and no victory in their lives. We began to sense a call from the Lord to relocate to Arriaga, Chiapas and start an interdenominational Bible training center. In May of 2000 we arrived in Arriaga feeling a little anxious but never the less confident that we had heard the Lord. Lost and Found International was the name the Lord spoke to us for this new ministry endeavor. We felt we heard the Lord speak to us that we would seek the Lost and equip the Found.

 The work began with the Bible Training Center. We usually have 50 or so students studying with us at one time. The school is a three year program and we have first second and third year students working on the completion of about 45 different courses. The Bible Training Center welcomes anyone, from any background that wants to study God’s word. We have many wonderful testimonies of how people have been born again, set free and transformed by systematically studying the word of God. 

We also started a Friday night Bible study that made teaching available to those who could not attend the Bible Training Center. Over the years, we had many new believers come to Christ and in 2004 the Lord directed us to start Sunday services for those who had no church home. Other ministries began to take shape as different brothers and sisters began to feel the call to reach out to children, women and the homeless.  In 2005 the Lord blessed us by sending us eight abandoned children. Thus the orphan work began. We were able with the Lord’s blessing to establish a Mexican Civil Association (non-profit), El Faro de Esperanza, which legally gives us the privilege of working with the poor and orphaned. 

At Lost and Found we have one aim and that is to see that the Lord Jesus Christ is lifted up and given the preeminence. He said that if he be lifted up that He would draw all men unto himself.  And so our focus is to make sure that His name is honored and glorified in all that we do. To Christ be the glory, in all ages and for all eternity.


Bill & Tammy Woods